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Our Core Ideology

Our Core Ideology isn't something we just came up with one day. It's always been part of what's made G&G successful. So one day, we wrote it down. Then to be sure we didn't forget we milled it in a piece of steel. Here it is:

"Surround yourself with the best people you can find, delegate authority, and don't interfere 

- Ronald Reagan

"Our Core Ideology is what has always made us successful and separates us. It's simple stuff really. It keeps us focused on what's been successful for us. It reminds people we have a lot more in common than we first thought. It reminds us we have a common vision."

~ Randy Griesbach, CEO

True North: Valuing People

True North is our compass. When we ask ourselves, what do we want G&G to be about, the answer is 'Valuing People'. Like our Core Ideology, its always been a part of what's made G&G successful. We value our people, and our people value our customers. Our people are better Spouses,Parents and citizens because they are valued.

"I enjoy working for Mark and Randy; they're very personable people, and family oriented. We work in a very fast paced environment, but they work very hard to be flexible when people need time off. When there have been emergencies, illnesses, and the like in one of our families, the company has come together, donating money and vacation so they could have the time to take off and be with their family in time of need."

~ Dan Schwalenberg, Scheduling / Purchasing

"I've worked at G&G since 1999, while I was still in high school. It's a good place to work; good people. People actually get along here. That can be hard to come by from what I understand."

~ Matt DeCoster, Machinist

"I've been working at G&G since 1992. I started as a co-op in high school and started full time right out of high school. I've done pretty much everything here; welding, mill work, lathe work. Now I'm doing quoting. I've stayed here because I work with good people and because of the variety of work, nothing is ever the same. Nobody is higher than anyone else, we're all equals. We have the opportunity to use the shop during off hours. We have incentives and bonuses that give us a chance to share in G&G's success. Those are the things that make us different from other shops. I plan on being here a lot of years yet."

~ Jamie Griesbach, Quoting / Purchasing

Our Location

G&G Machine, Inc.

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Kaukauna, WI 54130

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